Edge Profile


Edge Profi

Edge Profile

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Raw Material :   Edge Profile
Colour :   Teak/Walnut/White
Size :   2950 x 30 mm x 30mm

Technical Drawing:

Application & guide


1)      PVC ceiling an wall products are used only for interior purposes.

2)      White ceiling and wall plates can be painted.it can be used for exterior purposes only if the paints are of exterior grade.

3)      Nailing machine (stapling machine) is required for the assembly /application of PVC  ceiling and wall panels and plate.These panels and plates have tongue-and –groove edge. Nailing should be done on the small edge and then interlocked with the bigger edge of other panel or plates.

4)      Only for Hand Nailing, Clips are required. Clips should be placed on the small edge of the panels or plates and then nailed with hammer on the hole of the clipand placed on the bigger edge of other panels or plates.

5)      Care must be taken while nailing the product with hammer. The product shouldn’t be damaged.

6)      Only for Angle planks, channel is required .

7)      There is no special application rule required for square box. It’s  application can be varied according to your use.

8)      If the surface is 0 level, then the product can be applied directly on the wall, otherwise, wooden frame, plywood or WPC panelling is required before application.

9)      For angle A planks, wooden or metal frame is required for channel application.

10)   PVC ceiling  products are light in weight. They are primarily used for ceiling applications, but you can also use them to decorate palatial walls.