Plain WPC Boards

Wood Plastic Composite Board is Environment Friendly product and is made from recycled plastic and wood scraps resembles wood. The plastic protects the wood fibres from decay and decomposition whiles the wood fibers. In addition, Wood plastic composites have a greater resistance against splintering making them perfect for high traffic areas.



Plain WPC Board

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Key Features :   Water Proof, Termite Proof, Fire Resistant
Raw Material :   WPC
Thickness :   6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 18mm
Size :   2440mm x 1220mm


  1. Compared with wood, ZARE product has density and fragility, it should be keeping flat, not inclined to put in order to prevent deformation..
  2. Open storage and it should be covered to avoid getting wet and exposing to the sun..
  3. Avoid hard tools (such as a hammer) falling..
  4. It should be also pay attention to the product placement on the ground to prevent collisions angle deformation so as to affect appearance..
  5. When stacking wood plastic profiles, they should be put at both ends of joists, and the center-to-center distance between two joists is not more than 60 cm. The joists should be vertical with the ZARE decking boards


  1. During the early using of Zare product, it will fade a little. Usually after 2-3 months later, it will remain stable.
  2. Please regularly (once a year) use the dishcloth and hot soap water to wash the Zare Products.
  3. For the pollution caused by mold, mildew, berries and leaves, please use soft detergent containing with sodium hypochlorite to wash.
  4. For oil and grease stain, please wash immediately with the cleaning agents containing degreasing agent adding hot soapy water.
  5. 5. If scratches occurs, use medium grain sand paper to rub slightly in the direction of the grooves.
  6. 6. Please remove the sundries of profiles periodically, using blade to clean for a good smooth drainage.
  7. 7. Do not use solvent base material. Do not stain, oil or paint our Products.