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Raw Material:  WPC
Size:  2440mm x 4mm x 10mm
Weight:  2.7 Kgs


This material is basically used for outdoor/indoor

Cutting and Drilling

a) It is recommended to use alloy saw blade and drill bit tips.Dye of the saw blade (for example. 45 cm in diameter,18-24 teeth) cut more easily.

b) When drilling large or deep hole, the time to regularly exit the drill to bring out debris,do not always want to drill into a one-time.

c) Pre drill is very important for every profile.



a)  When you lift profile, you may have to spend more effort and pay attention to disassembly.

b) When stored on the site,be sure to put on a flat ground.

c) When the stacking profiles, should be placed from both ends of the joist, adjacent two joist center distance of not more than 60 cm,the joist should be arranged vertically with the profile.

d) Profile outdoor stacking to the whole bundle of packaging.smooth stacking, to prevent the sun burst sun deformation.


a)  Profile for railings, must be inserted with steel, and the floor to be absolutely strong, railings between the requirements of each liner 450mm, to prevent deformation fall.

b) Profile for the pavilion or pergola, to consider the coefficient of thermal expansion, and the tube, and the vertical to be connected firmly.

c) Plastic has a certain plastic properties, so when the length is greater than 3 meters, the material has a certain bend, easy to correct when installed to normal, if the plastic section is a profile, the bending deformation is relatively increased installation is able to basically correct in place.

d) When the profile is installed upright, and the length is greater than 2 meters, each end with four pairs of screws to fix. And the vertical screw spacing of 40cm or more, so that each end of the four screwson average force


a)Contamination caused by molds, molds, berries and berries and leaves use detergents containing detergents and sodium hyprochlorite

b)Rust and dirt the use of phosphoric acid cleaning agent. In the home shopping malls and hardware stores can buy.

c)Caused by the touch of oil and grease pollution once found to be contaminated, with a degreasing agent cleaning agent scrub clean.Profile tips sandpaper can be used to polish grease pollution, polished place just like the installation of profiles, will be affected by the climate lead to slight change in color.

d)a)The regular use of tools to remove the gap at the profile of debris, to ensure smooth drainage.