WPC Floor Decking

Presenting ZARE WPC Decking, Cladding & Sheets, these composite materials is extremely stylish, looks and feels like timber, but requires no maintenance and will last many years longer than traditional wood decks. Best of all being made from recycled wood and plastic materials, ZARE Decking, Cladding & Sheets offers a truly sustainable alternative to hardwood timber decking. Available in many contemporary designs & colours to chose from. The value of ZARE is to protect and explore ecological resources soundly on the Earth, provide healthy, environmental and safe products to global consumers and lead a new stream of modern residential live.




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Raw Material :   WPC
Thickness :   24mm
Size :   2440mm x 146mm
Weight :   5.6 Kgs
Finish :   Both Side Groove Sanding

Technical Drawing:

WPC Floor Decking Installation:


  1. It can be used carpentry tools, such as alloy blades and drills for drilling, cutting, edging and so on.
  2. When drilling a larger hole or a deeper hole, you should pull out the drill a little bit from time to time for bringing out the chips.

Installation Precautions

  1. It should be used the matching stainless steel screws offered by ZARE. Drilling a hole before screwing, which diameter of the hole should be less than the 3/4 screws, then can be fixed to prevent profiles for fracturing. All places needed tighten screws must be predrilled.
  2. The decking size is generally less than 2440mm. The gap end to end should be taken in 5mm, while the decks and a wall must be maintained more than 10mm. As shown in Figures 1 and 2:



  3. When installed, decks on the ground, they should be fixed on the joists through matching screw provided by Zare. It cannot be drilled to fix directly on the surface of ground and must be left 6mm gap between two decks.


  4. To hammer at the wood plastic product, it should be used batten to protect.

Ground Preparation

The decking must be built on the flat base, using posts, cement boards, rubber pads as supporters or concrete ground and mixed ground with compact gravels. In the meanwhile, the ground must keep a certain inclination to facilitate drainage.

Joists Installation

  1. Method 1: During the joists installation, at first, use the electric drill bore a hole on the concreted ground or under-frames, and then put expansive plastic covered screws in the holes and drill holes on the joists which diameter should be less than the 3/4 screw. Use 7mm drills to drive into the pre-drills 3mm depth, making sure that screws can be driven into the joists The distance between two nails in the joist should be in 800-1000mm. As shown Figure 4.


  2. Method 2: Use matching stainless clips to fix joists on the ground. When the joists placement finished, drill holes and insert plastic expansion screws, then fix stainless clips on the ground with screws. As shown Figure 5.


  3. The distance between two joists is 300mm. As shown Figure 7.
  4. ZARE joists are not structural components: they can only be laid down on the flat ground. They can not be fastened to the ground or to each other. A 10mm gap must be left between the joist end and a wall. When butting two joists, a gap of 10mm in length must be left.

Decks Installation

  1. Fix start clips on the beginning of joist which should be in straight alignment. The distance between joists and a wall is 10mm. As shown Figure 6.


  2. The distance of the board end and the nearest joist is 50mm. As shown Figure 7.


  3. After the first board fixed, put hidden clips as shown figure 3 into the other side of the first board and twist each screws loosely in turn, then screw tightly after next board inserted by clips. Repeat the above steps to install the other boards in turn. As shown Figure 8 and 9.



  4. According to the size of boards and joists, use matching WPC Edge Profile to seal.

Application Accessories



Raw Material: WPC
Thickness: 25mm
Size: 2440mm x 40mm
Finish: Plain



Raw Material:
Plastic Cover & Stainless Steel Screw



Raw Material: S.S.



Raw Material: Plastic / S.S.



Raw Material: WPC
Thickness: 6mm
Size: 2440mm x 40mm X 400mm
Finish: Brushed Sanding